Growing Medical Marijuana

Big Win for Maine Medical Marijuana


If anyone ever doubted that a small group of caregivers could change the way a state treats medical Marijuana patients and the people who serve them, today we gave them proof of the power we have when we get together and organize.

This morning both houses of the Maine legislature passed LD 1296 – “An Act To Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act To Protect Patient Privacy.”

Please call Governor LePage today and ask him to sign the bill into law.

Among other things, under the new law:

Patients will no longer be required to register with the state.

Law enforcement and state agencies will be prohibited from seizing Marijuana from legally qualified patients, caregivers, and dispensaries – and if they do seize Marijuana from people legally qualified to possess it are required to return it within seven days of receiving a written request.

In addition to the six flowering plants per patient authorized under the law, caregivers “may have harvested marijuana plants in varying stages of processing in order to ensure the primary caregiver is able to meet the needs of the primary caregiver’s qualifying patients.”

Caregivers will be allowed to assist patients in the administration and preparation of Marijuana.

Cities and towns will be barred from adopting or enforcing medical Marijuana regulations that are more stringent than state laws and regulations

Our thanks to to our partner organizations, to the bill’s sponsor – Rep. Deborah Sanderson, to all the legislators who voted for this bill, but first and foremost to every one of you who made phone calls, wrote letters, and came out to testify at hearings.

You – the patients and caregivers who built this movement – are the true heroes of the day. Today we changed the law. There is no telling what we can do next!