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Community support of Grow Water through sponsorships, and tax-deductible donations are all vital support for Grow Water to continue to educate, implement, protect, advocate, and enhance our watershed, improving our communities and our way of life.


Grow Water is your community activist for change in how water is handled in the Sacramento watershed, affecting upstream and downstream. We take your voice to the water districts, local and state government affecting change in how water is managed at home to state level. Our current solutions for water management need a shift to a regenerative paradigm. Just being sustainable will no longer keep us on the right path, being regenerative will create the change that’s needed. By becoming a member of Grow Water, you are voicing your stance that change is needed and telling the local, state government bodies and beyond that water needs to be one of the top priorities. If you would like a private tour of some of our sites please email us:

Give the gift of a Laundry to Landscape System

Grow Water is committed to the communities in Sacramento. With every $5,000 raised we will install a laundry to landscape system in a low income home that couldn't other wise afford one.

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