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Grow Water believes in reusing as much water as possible from your home. An easy, very adaptable way to do this is the Laundry to Landscape System, or what we like to call it L2L. This allows you to reuse the water you use to wash your cloths to water your thirsty trees (and more) in your yard. With a simple valve you can divert the water to your landscape or to the sewer in case you’re using a chemical you wouldn’t like your plants drinking. We suggest using Biocompatible Laundry Detergent, there’s a few on the market, such as Oasis, or ECOS (non - scented) and more. Please feel free to ask for recommendations.

Since you’re using your washing machine pump to move the water, this is one of the simplest configurations that doesn’t need a permit, but there are legal parameters set forth by California Code. For more detailed information on greywater systems, code compliance, and various system options.


Outdoor showers are a fun way to add an exciting feature to your backyard and bring your greywater outside. If you have a Jacuzzi, it is suggested that you shower before and after, just set it up outside and let the water feed an edible privacy screen.

Another type of greywater system is the branched drain system (shower, sink, etc.) This system requires a permit and a licensed plumber to alter the collection plumbing of your home. Branched Drain takes the water from your shower or another drain in your home and disperses it throughout your yard via gravity allowing for maximum infiltration and efficiency. This system is more expensive and more complex to install than the L2L system, but is extremely low maintenance once in place. This system cannot deliver water uphill, should not be used to irrigate small plants and cannot irrigate a lawn. If your home is on a cement slab this becomes much more difficult but not impossible to do.

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