Growing Medical Marijuana

Growing Good Marijuana


An Overview of the Basics of Growing Good Marijuana

What does it take to grow good marijuana?
Growing-Good-MarijuanaAn easy question with a very complicated answer. But we will try and break it down just for you.

Growing good marijuana requires money, materials, knowledge, effort, and time. And since none of us like to spend too much money, we will discuss ways to save as well as recycling tips further on in this section.

For me, one of the best parts about growing my own medical marijuana is the money that it saves me. I am not really ready to get into just how much medical marijuana I use every day so, lets just suffice it to say that I use quite a bit. If I were forced to go out and attempt to buy my medicine on the 'black market' instead of just growing good marijuana myself, I'd be broke in just 1 day. Well, none of us want to go broke, including me, so the end result of forcing me out into the 'black market' would be me, in pain, with ridiculously minute daily rations of what little medical marijuana I would actually be able to afford.

Needless to say, I'd be really bad off were I not allowed to grow good marijuana for myself. Thank God for Democracy and the laws of the People that have allowed me to pursue this natural form of chronic severe pain relief.

Another benefit of growing my own medical marijuana is that I am in complete control of the entire process. There is not a single chemical or additive that gets into my medicine unless I put it there. I love that. No more funky tasting weed. No more chemical aftertaste. Just fresh clean medical marijuana.

As for the materials used to grow good marijuana, well, this depends on your chosen growing method; dirt, hydroponics and aeroponics are the three main methods and all of these require a varying set of materials to complete the job ahead. I have found that improvisation is king when it comes to the materials needed in order to set up and run a MMJ grow room. You will see this throughout our discussion of growing good marijuana.

The next part is easy. Knowledge!

Huh? You ask. Why is knowledge easy?

Knowledge is easy because it is the easiest thing to get a hold of. Money is hard to get, materials cost money, effort takes physical work, and time is precious. Therefore, Knowledge is easy.

Knowing how to grow good marijuana requires learning and, if you know how to learn, you can learn how to grow good marijuana. In fact, if you are sitting at your computer reading this page on my website, then you have 100% of the tools needed to learn, sitting right in front of you. Everything you need to know about growing good marijuana can be learned on the internet.

Of course, I will try and cover every topic on my site, however, I could never in a million years cover all of the diverse and dynamic topics relating to growing good marijuana, so I would strongly recommend everyone to not only check out more of the topics on my site, but to also do as much independent research on the web as they can in order to gain as much free knowledge on the subject of growing good marijuana as possible.

Now for effort. There is NO way to grow marijuana without effort, both physically and emotionally. Additionally, the effort you put into growing good marijuana will show in your results.

Growing-Good-MarijuanaAll three of the main growing methods mentioned above take varying amounts of effort. Dirt is easier than hydro, hydro is easier than aeroponics. I think you get the picture. Before growing your own medicine, it will be very important to have a clear understanding of the amount of effort that you, as a grower, can put in on a daily basis in order to achieve the results you desire.

Some people are only physically able to do so much work in a day while others just don’t have the time. This should all factor in when making a decision on the amount of effort you have available to put towards growing your own medicine and the growing method that you choose.

As shown in the previous paragraph, effort takes time. Time is the last of the 5 things necesary to grow good marijuana. I don’t know about you, but for me, time is very valuable. I don’t take this lightly. My time is indescribably important to me. If you are going to grow good marijuana for yourself, please make sure that you are choosing a grow method that will fit into your schedule as well as one that is well within your physical capabilities.