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What is LID/ Green Infrastructure?


LID includes a variety of practices that mimic or preserve natural drainage processes to manage storm water. LID practices typically retain rain water and encourage it to soak into the ground rather than allowing it to run off into ditches and storm drains where it would otherwise contribute to flooding and pollution problems.


Why Adopt?


  • Improve water quality
  • reduce number of flooding events
  • restored aquatic habitat
  • improved ground water recharge
  • enhance neighborhood beauty and property values
  • mitigate urban heat island effect
  • saves energy
  • reduces air pollution
  • address habitat fragmentation
  • Sequesters water pollutants
  • calm traffic
  • proven to work in other cities


Economic Benefits:


  • saves money by reducing the amount of pavement, curbs and gutters needed
  • saves money by eliminating the need for costly runoff detention basins and pipe delivery systems
  • can increase the value and sale price of residential lots
  • saves money by reducing landscaping cost and decreasing storm-water volume
  • reduces irrigation demand for street side plantings
  • improving public safety
  • easily fit into existing landscapes and developments
  • reduced stream channel damage and pollutant loadings in downstream waters
  • reduce drinking water treatment costs

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