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Would you like to install , practice green living and save money at your home but don’t know where to turn and need some help? The Grow Water Co-Op (sign up here) is a community based barn raising model where members and volunteers learn practical, on the ground skills while implementing various integrated practices at another Co-Op members’ property. Co-Op member don’t just sweat away for hours, but learn practical skills that they can implement on their own properties & within their own neighborhoods. Also Co Op members get a significant discount when they have a build on their property.


Volunteer: Anyone over the age of 18 may volunteer at a Co-Op workshop, but will not accrue Co-Op hours or be given workshop priority and discount options.


Cost: One of our primary goals is to build community through action and education. We take every effort in making workshops affordable and accessible to all. The cost depends on the scale of the project, materials, and Project Leader/s time. A Co Op Build at your home will typically take 12 to 30 hours of the design/Project Leader/s time, from the initial consult through design and implementation. Click here for some basic packages pricing. Contact us today about additional discounts options for low income Co-Op members.


The build host is required to provide water and snacks for the Co-Op members working on their property.


Grow Water does conduct many public workshops and trainings that are not part of the Co-Op program. These include but are not limited to private residences, local business, neighborhood associations, and community groups. Co-Op members will be given priority and discounts for such events, but will not accrue Co-Op hours.


Hosting a Non Co Op Workshop: Grow Water is always open and willing to facilitate learning opportunities! If you are interested in having Grow Water host a workshop at your home, business or organization, please contact us for details and rates.


Speaking Engagements: If you would like to have a Grow Water representative speak or present to your group, business or organization, we would be happy to do so! We will tailor our talks to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for details and rates.



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