Water Harvesting Tanks

Store it to use it during dry months

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Water Harvesting Tanks

Cisterns: A reservoir or tank for holding water, especially for catching and holding rainwater for later use.


  • Part of a comprehensive water harvesting system and a sustainable landscape
  • Conserves water resources
  • To reduce reliance and/or provide alternative to extractive delivery systems
  • Storm water management
  • Allows user to distribute moisture manually as needed
  • Require human input or action to function
  • May collect and store harvested rainwater for later use.
  • Includes cisterns and rain barrels; most greywater systems.


Tanks do just more than harvest rain and store it for later use, they help with flood control by keeping water from rushing down the street into the storm drain. Then that saves energy for your community by not having plants pump it back to you to water your garden or landscape.

Plus with a large enough tank and the right filters you can have drinking water right in your house completely off the grid and saving water, energy and controlling flooding.


The size, storage and cost of tanks and varieties varies dramatically. Above ground tanks range from $1 to $3 a gallon. Underground tanks range from $3 to $ 8 a gallon. Ask yourself, what are my goals? What is it I really want from my rain water? After you do email or call us and let's put some plans into action.

Click to enlarge the design on a Grow Water, Water Harvesting Tank that's 3,000 Gallons. Installed and full of water.

Rain water can be used in the house for drinking or like this system for doing laundry all year and watering the trees. Sample of a regenerative system!

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