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Grow Water is a nonprofit, dedicated to providing household, community & regional solutions; in practice and policy; facilitating water-harvesting, greywater, conservation, food production and integrated design in the Sacramento region (and beyond). We aim to provide people with the skills and knowledge to facilitate best practices within their homes, businesses, watersheds and bioregions through a community based, co-op model and specialized trainings.

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Design Services


Grow Waters approach to assessment and design is integrated, stacking functions for maximum benefit of your property and goals. Let us advise where to start to solve problems of erosion, flooding, and runoff and generate resources, build healthy soil, produce food, shade, habitat and more with an integrated plan to tackle your problems. Our experienced professional water harvesters and designers can create a plan for the maximum productive yard that survives and thrives within a sites water budget.


What is an on Site Consultation? Have questions? Need professional advice with your soon to be water harvesting landscape? Grow Water can meet you on site to discuss, identify and recommend water conservation/ harvesting strategies. We’ll propose time, money, and energy saving strategies.


On Site with Conceptual Plan: Moving beyond the on-site consultation, Grow Water will conduct an in depth assessment of your site, then create a scaled master plan which includes recommended plant lists and materials. Email us for cost.


Grow Water’s Design to Build: This is the whole package offering! Complete landscape design services from design through build including conceptual design, planting and materials plan and oversight of contractors. Email us for cost.

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