We are your water harvesting ambassadors!


  • Earthworks, manage rainwater where it falls
  • Rain Barrels, collect rain for drier months
  • Greywater, redirect laundry water an more to your yard


Grow Water is honored to be part of the California State Fair to display water harvesting and native plants in the Farm area of the fair. We're teaching through demonstrating alternatives to grass front yards with rainwater harvesting, greywater use and alternative watering methods. Through the combined efforts of volunteers and all the donors we hope to bring more regenerative design ideas to people who pass through the fair and continue educating people on the choices they make at their home.


A special thank you for all those who volunteered their time to work on this project. With your support we're able to bring water harvesting and native plants to the public.

Photos can be found at the bottom of this page.


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