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What can Grow Water do for you?

"Slow, Spread and Sink"

  • Create a resilient world
  • Because, Every drop counts
  • Manage rain where it falls
  • Conserve water in dryer months
    • Using stored water
    • Or re-using water
  • Re-use what was once waste water
  • Lower your water bill
  • Lower your electrical bill
  • Mitigate flooding
  • Filter pollutants
  • Grow resources
  • Grow food
  • Grow shade
  • Grow groundwater
  • Grow medicine
  • Grow community


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  • Installations



How much laundry to you do a year? Select your style of washing machine, enter how many loads you think you do a week and then there's the answer of how much water each year you could be harvesting into your yard watering your plants.

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